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Metropolitan Agathangelus awarded Vorontsov Medal
May 18 2013, 12:27

ODESA, MAY 18th, 2013, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE ― Metropolitan of Odesa and Izmail Agathangelus has been awarded the Mikhail Vorontsov Honorary Medal, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

By the decision of the advisory council, Metropolitan of Odesa and Izmail Agathangelus was awarded the Mikhail Vorontsov Honorary Medal for the personal contribution to the preservation and augmentation of historical and cultural heritage of Odesa Region, spiritual rapprochement between peoples, strengthening of peace and ethnic harmony in the region.

The Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Medal of Honor Sergiy Grinevetsky, presenting the award to Metropolitan Agathangelus, said: On behalf of the advisory council, I am pleased to present you an award named after Mikhail Semenovich Vorontsov. I really want to congratulate you on this high award and express my gratitude for the enlightenment work, which you pursue, not only in our region. I am honoured to work with you for many years. Your consistency, philosophical view, courage largely determines the social and political world that we experience in our city and our region. I want, in this year of the 75th Anniversary of your birth, this medal became a symbol of strengthening ties between generations, spirituality, and most importantly ― that high educational work that you do.

INFORMATION: The Mikhail Vorontsov Honorary Medal for Special Contribution to Development of Odesa Region has been established on the occasion of the Day of Odesa Region as a symbol of public acknowledgement of their services to Odesa Region. It is awarded for an outstanding contribution to the development of Odesa Region as well as for acts facilitating the rebirth of its spirituality.

The Award was named after His Serene Highness, Field-Marshal-General, Prince Mikhail Vorontsov, who is truly considered to be one of the most reputable person of our area. The time with him being in office for over thirty years, from 1825 to 1856, is often called Odesas Golden Age. It is Mikhail Vorontsovs 230th Anniversary in 2012.

The award is a medal, made of sterling (925) silver, it has a round shape of 70 mm in diameter. The obverse of the medal displays a bás-relief of Mikhail Vorontsov with a banner in the background. Alongside the upper edge there is an inscription General-Governor Mikhail Vorontsov in the Russian language. The reverse of the Medal displays a contour of the map of Odesa Region in the background with the Vorontsov Lighthouse and an inscription For the contribution to development of Odesa Region in the front, in the lower part there is a ribbon with the official motto of the Vorontsov family Semper immota fides in Latin (Faith is always firm).

The Founder of the Award is the Analytical News Agency Context-Prichernomorie an independent, non-governmental media organization.

The aim of the Award is to recognize publically the services and personal achievements as far as the development of Odesa Region is concerned, to determine their leadership in different spheres of life, to stimulate people to reach new heights and demonstrate their examples for coming generations to follow.


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