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Odesa crews win in 4 groups of the regatta Cup of the Black Sea Ports
Jul 08 2011, 11:36

ODESA, JULY 8th, 2011, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE Odesa crews have won first prizes in 4 groups of the regatta Cup of the Black Sea Ports, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The organizers of the event reported it yesterday, 7 July, at the closing ceremony.

The results were reported to be as follows:

Group 1: 1 place the yacht Foros (Kherson, Captain Volodymyr Kovalev), 2 place Akvarel (Odesa, Vitaliy Krutogolov), 3 place Aphrodite (Odesa, Mykola Adamchuk).

Group 2: 1 place Odyssey (Odesa National Maritime University, Captain Sergiy Kiselev), 2 place Ariel (Odesa, Vasyl Fertyuk), 3 place Sheriff (Odesa, Yurii Goncharov).

Group 3: 1 place Lastochka (Odesa, Volodymyr Dimitriyev), 2 place Viking (Odesa, Oleksiy Gaidukevich), 3 place Sadko (Odesa, Eduard Zyuzin).

Group 4: 1 place Maestro (Odesa, Sergiy Petrov), 2 place Lanzheron (Yuzhny, Nathan Gonopolsky), 3 place Sea Leon (Odesa, Valeriy Sokolov).

Group 5: 1 place Maestro (Odesa, Oleg Stashkevich), 2 place Poseidon (Illichivsk, Ivan Priymachuk), 3 place Grey (Illichivsk, Sergei Priymachuk).

Group 6: 1 place Freelander (Yuzhny, Sergiy Vorova), 2 place Katran (Odesa, Albert Kabakov), 3 place Capriccio (Odesa, Sergiy Burda).

Commenting on the regatta, the Vice Governor of the Odesa Dmitry Voloshenkov said: The White Sail is part of Odesas soul. Every year it attracts spectators and fans. I would like it to acquire more and more friends every year. I think we will have more starts in the future.


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