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«The government supports averse operating mode of an oil pipeline «Odessa — Brody» but opposes shadow privatization of an oil pipeline», — Timoshenko
Jul 31 2008, 10:51

ODESSA, JULY, 31ST, 2008, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — The Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko has declared that she supports averse operating mode of an oil pipeline «Odessa — Brody» but opposes shadow privatization of an oil pipeline, IA Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

As the agency was informed by Department on communications with mass-media of Secretary of the Cabinet of Ukraine, Y. Timoshenko has declared this yesterday, on July, 30th, at a press conference.

As the head of the government has noted «Odessa — Brody» oil pipeline was constructed to be used in the direction which it is meant for, to have an opportunity of diversification of oil supply in Ukraine and abroad — to the Europe.

At the same time Yulia Timoshenko has declared about the attempt of carrying out of shadow privatization of an oil pipeline through creation of the offshore company.

«We never shall support practically shadow privatization of «Odessa — Brody» through the offshore companies which deprive Ukraine the right to influence this project» — the Prime minister has noted, having added that «it is a question of the scale shadow scheme which will never be passed or supported by the Government».

As IA Context-Prichernomorie informed earlier, on July, 28th National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (UNSDC) has recognized work carried out by the government concerning the «Odessa-Brody» oil pipeline as unsatisfactory.

As the first assistant to the head of Secretary of President Alexander Shlapak has noted, National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine will oblige the Cabinet to ensure the functioning of the «Odessa-Brody» oil pipeline in an averse mode up to the end of 2008.

«The government is offered to consider all today's achievements of working group and to give them corresponding estimations till September, 1st or to agree with them having modernized these agreements or to find additional suppliers of oil who can work in this mode together with those who is ready to realize this project today», A. Shlapak has emphasized.

The first assistant to the head of Secretary of the President has explained that the government does not suit the offer of the working group created in May by the Decree of the President, to enlist two Ukrainian oil refining factories «Neftekhimik Prikarpatye» and «Galichina» (Drogobych) to work of an oil pipeline in an averse mode as the offshore company the supplier of oil is involved in the scheme.

«We are again attempted to be involve in discussion that there is always something wrong where there is a word «offshore» and consequently we shall not work there. Better not to get any direction than to deal with the company which offers today a «take or pay» principle and which, in my opinion, is absolutely favorable today for our country», Alexander Shlapak has noted.

A.Shlapak has also added that if the political decision on an averse use of an oil pipeline will be accepted conditionally on September, 1st, work in averse mode will begin not earlier than December, 1st.


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