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Those advocating Izmail-Tulcea ferry are enemies of Ukrainian people, Odesa Regional Council deputy says
Mar 15 2011, 14:50

ODESA, MARCH 15th, 2011, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE An Odesa Regional Council Deputy Viacheslav Strashylin has stated those who advocate Izmail-Tulcea ferry are enemies of Ukrainian people, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Mr Strashylin stated it today, 15 March, at the sitting of the Transport Potential Development working group of the Regional Committee for Economic Reforms.

I, as a deputy with 16 years experience, I declare that those who advocate the establishment of the ferry IzmailTulcea are enemies of Ukrainian people. This is an intentionally developed plan, lest either the bridge or the ferry appear. As of now, the actual crossing, which may exist, is a project of the ferry IsacceaOrlovka he said.

«Justification for this is simple. After all, would not be for 8-10 hours to wait for the wagon ferry on one or the other side, if we talk about crossing «Tulcea — Ishmael. The cost of the crossing between Tulcea and Ishmael is 10 times more expensive than the ferry «Isaccea — Orlovka» , — said V. Strashilin.

Yes, the project TulceaIzmail and IsacceaOrlovka are similar in that neither Ukrainian infrastructure in Izmail, and nor Romanian in Isaccea are ready. But from an economic point of view, a real crossing is important for Ukraine's development, and it is the crossing IsacceaOrlovka, he stressed.


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