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Mayor to do his best for Odesa to be able to host EURO 2012 Championship despite Kyiv’s rebukes
17:36 / 09.04.2009

ODESA, APRIL, 09th, 2009, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE – Odesa Mayor, Eduard Gurvits, has stated he would do his best for Odesa to be able to host EURO 2012, despite the rebukes Kyiv is making, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Mr. Gurvits said it today, 9 April, during his briefing.

“At the recent sitting in Kyiv preparation to EURO 2012 was being discussed and as usual everybody expressed discontent… But we will do our best for Odesa to be able to host EURO 2012. We make serious preparations and hope UEFA will define Odesa to be the host city for the final of the championship”, — Mr. Gurvits said.

As it was reported before UEFA delegation headed by Michel Platini would visit Odesa 14 – 15 April and hold a broadened meeting with UEFA experts and Ukrainian representatives. During their stay a presentation on the results of the preparation will be held. Special attention will be paid to the state of the infrastructure in the cities in the applicant cities.