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Over 660 km of lines repaired by Odesa Railway
17:24 / 03.12.2009

ODESA, DECEMBER, 3rd, 2009, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE Through the period January-October 2009 Odesa Railway managed to carry out repairs on over than 660 kilometres of their lines, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The agency was informed about it today 3 December at the press-service of the Odesa Railway.

According to the press-service, in 2009 Odesa Railway has been continuing actively to develop and upgrade their railway equipment. In particular, since the beginning of the year 54.8 kilometres of the railroads were upgraded and 157.2 kilometres of the lines were repaired, 196.5 kilometres of lines underwent repairs of medium complexity and 195.6 kilometres underwent slight keep-up repair.

Special attention was paid to the operation of the point switches: through January-October 2009 225 sets of point switches were completely replaced and 98 sets repaired.

In total the company intends to upgrade 58 kilometres of the lines in 2009, carry put capital repair of 162 kilometres, 150 kilometres will undergo repairs of medium complexity and 200 kilometres slight keep-up repair. Another 200 sets of switch points are also to be replaced.

INFORMATION: Odesa Railway is one of the oldest in Ukraine. Regular transportations started 4 (17) October 1865. The railway line Odesa-Kyiv was established in 1870 and other lines existing in the Russian Empire. The share of Odesa Railway in the total cargo turnover in Ukraine is almost 20 percent and 16 percent of the total passenger flow.