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Italian Allservice S.r.l. presents a garbage recycling project in Mykolaiv
13:36 / 13.04.2011

ODESA, APRIL 13th, 2011, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE An Italian company Allservice S.r.l. has presented its garbage recycling project in Mykolaiv, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The agency has been informed about it today, 13 April, at the press service of the Mykolaiv City Executive Committee.

According to the member of the Council of the Union of Small, Medium and Privatized Businesses of Italy and Ukraine Dmitry Yurovsky, Allservice S.r.l. is a representative of medium-scale business and is oriented at reasonable projects (several hundreds of thousand of US dollars), so it accepted the offer of the city authorities to handle all sorts of solid garbage.

The company is ready tp supply the equipment and train personnel (30 people working on two shifts) as far as process of plastic litter is concerned plastic bags, bottles and other packing.

However, the company is not ready to deliver the litter to the recycling facility, in addition they will not only need a lot of land, but premises to install the equipment, as construction of a new building will only make the project higher in cost.

The Italian aprty is not ready to carry out separation of plastic litter from other solid garbage either.

The expected capacity of the facility will be 25 tons of litter per day. The Italians intend to creat a joint company where its share will be 55 per cent, the rest is to belong to the city authorities.

Mykolaiv Mayor Volodymyr Chaika said the projected is to be studied and considered in more detail.