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Thanks to players from Odesa, Ukrainian team beats the Serbians — Rugby Federation of Ukraine
13:23 / 22.09.2011

ODESA, SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2011, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Rugby Federation of Ukraine has reported that thanks to players from Odesa, Ukrainian team has beaten the Serbians, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The press service of the Rugby Federation of Ukraine informed today, 22 September.

According to the press service, 21 September, the Ukrainian team U-20 played the first match of the qualifying stage of the youth European championship. In the game with their peers from Serbia, the Ukrainians won 36:0.

“In the first half, Orest Zakharkiv demonstrated an attempt, while the implementation and the penalty are on Vitaly Krasnodemskogo’s account. In the second half of the game our team built up an advantage: two attempts by Eugene Tishchenko, one by Yuri Mikhalchuk and Narek Manukyan, Vitaly Krasnodemsky scored two goals and Ruslan Bezuglov — one. It should be noted, RC Credo-63, Odesa, have 16 points on their account. Yuri Mikhalchuk (5 points), Vitaly Krasnodemsky scored three sales (6 points) and penalty (3 points), and Ruslan Bezugly marked one implementation (2 points)”, the press-service informed.