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Nikolaev communists to picket «Sea Breeze — 2008» trainings
17:21 / 26.06.2008

NIKOLAEV, JUNE, 26TH, 2008, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Nikolaev communists will picket «Sea Breeze — 2008» trainings, IA “Context-Prichernomorie” correspondent reports.

The agency was informed about this today, on June 26th, by the People's Deputy, the first secretary of Nikolaev CPU regional committee Vladimir Matveev.

As he said, their party has been preparing to forthcoming trainings for a long time and the plan of measures was developed for this purpose.

As the leader of the Nikolaev communists has told, trainings will take place on Shirokolanovsky range and the unprecedented quantity of armies after 91st year will participate in them. More than 1 thousand marines with military equipment only from the USA will be involved. Also nearly 1 thousand of sea marines, security detachment, and so on will be involved from Ukraine. Communists have the list of participants.

As V. Matveev has explained, communists will not block lines, arrange barricades, etc. But the picketing will be organized for sure. Letters in rural, settlement councils where picketing is planned are already prepared.

«We prepare to picket Shirokolanovsky range at the entrance; we are preparing a small tent town. The small one because we are not as rich as Natalia Vitrenko who has set more tents and toilets last time, there was everything what that needs... We shall be more modest but we shall execute our function», — the main communist of the Nikolaev region has promised. Function of communists, according to V. Matveev in this case consists in expressing their attitude to Americans and «to our military who wish to join the NATO block».