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Bible with Salvador Dali's illustrations presented in Odesa
15:17 / 10.11.2012

ODESA, NOVEMBER 10th, 2012, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE ― The Bible with Salvador Dali's illustrations has been presented at the exhibition in Odesa, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Exhibition organizers reported today, 10 November.

According to the information, the exhibition of reproductions of Salvador Dali was presented in “Victory Gardens” shopping centre in Odesa. The limited collector's edition of the Bible with illustrations by Salvador Dali appeared in Ukraine for the first time. The circulation of the Bible is limited (500 copies in Ukraine).

“Dali’s Bible is a unique handmade 900-page folio contained the text of the Old and New Testaments. Dali lithographs were printed using the most modern technologies of precise color reproduction. The cover is made from leather with gold, diamonds, rubies, amethyst and malachite. This work was made by art printmakers and jewelers from Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Salvador Dali illustrated key Bible stories in 1967. The special copy, made in white leather and decorated with gold, was presented to the Pope”, the organizers noted.

The first copy of The Bible was gifted to the library collection of the current Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. According to existing traditions, a unique book is presented to the head of state, where this book came out. So, the first new editions in Czech and Slovak languages were presented to the presidents and heads of the Catholic churches in these countries, as well as Pope Benedict XVI. The Ukrainian edition of the Dali’s Bible also was presented to Spain and to some of Ukrainian cultural institutions. Dozens of unique books are bought by Ukrainian collectors.