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12.7 billion UAH listed in the budget for 11 months of taxpayers region
10:25 / 07.12.2016

Odessa, 07 DECEMBER 2016, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie Since the beginning of the year, taxpayers of Odessa region sent to all budgets 12.7 billion UAH, the correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie» reports.

It was reported to the agency today, December 07, in the press-service of the Head Department GFS in Odessa region.

According to the press service, during the first 11 months, the taxpayers of the region listed in the budget 12.7 billion USD. This is 4.9 billion or 62% more than in January-November 2015.

Of these, the general fund of the State Budget of Ukraine has received more than 5.3 billion UAH, which is 2.2 billion UAH or 68% more than the same period last year.

The main taxes in the context of the general fund of the State budget received 2.5 billion UAH of VAT, 1.3 billion UAH of tax on personal income, 747 million UAH of income tax, 422 million UAH of muster and almost 204 million UAH of excise tax.