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Presentation interactive sessions in on-line regime are planned within the international investment forum in Kherson region
10:32 / 04.11.2008

KHERSON, NO VEMBER, 4TH, 2008, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE – With the aim of expansion of collaboration of Kherson region with foreign and domestic partners, presentation of investment potential, market opportunities of the region holding of the International investment forum “Tavrian prospects: collaboration, investments, economic development” is planned for November 4th-5th.

Today the holdings of presentation sessions in interactive on-line regime are planned to be held in Kherson region within the International investment forum “Tavrian prospects: collaboration, investments, economic development”, IA “Context-Prichernomorie” correspondent reports.

This was reported to the agency in the regional government administration.

By the data of the source for participation in the interactive session a web-camera with microphone, a computer and the software ovoo.com that is available in Internet network for free are necessary.

Communications are offered for countries of Europe from 2 pm, USA and Canada from 5 pm Ukrainian time. The presentation of the projects is to be held in the interactive regime for 1.5 hours through Trade and Economic missions in the embassies of Ukraine in the corresponding countries. The studio in Ukraine will have the necessary equipment which will give a chance to communicate on-line that is to ask questions and receive answers in the regime of real time.

The projects are offered to be considered by the following trends:

- processing sphere;

- transport infrastructure;

- recreation;

- logistics, marine communication (expansion of ports infrastructure).

Within the Forum the land auction is also planned to be held. Land lots for sale and purchase of rent right of recreation zones of Genichesk and Skadovsk districts and also of Kherson city for apartment blocks are offered. According to the existing Legislation of Ukraine the right for purchase and rent with the following redemption is accessible both for citizens of Ukraine and foreign citizens.

Information about land lots and conditions of auction holding is constantly updated on the site of the exchange www.agrobirja.com.ua