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Ludmila Dromashko won in the special elections of the city mayor in Pervomaysk according to the tentative data
11:43 / 02.12.2008

PERVOMAYSK, DECEMBER, 2ND, 2008, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE – According to the tentative data of the special elections of the city mayor in Pervomaysk of Nikolaev region that were held on November 30th Ludmila Dromashko won with the lead of 1 thousand 800 votes, IA “Context-Prichernomorie” correspondent reports.

This was reported to the agency today, on December 2nd, in the press-service of Nikolaev regional organization of the Part of the regions.

Elections attendance made 25-27%. Four men – independent candidate, the head of the enterprise “Autotechservice” Vladimir Simachenko, the candidate from BUT Vladimir Vovk, the student of one of Pervomaysk institutes of higher education Andrey Mezentzev and the pensioner-entrepreneur Nikolay Sikorsky and the head of one of Pervomaysk enterprises were struggling for the mayor chair together with L. Dromashko.

L. Dromashko was born in 1955. She used to work at the factory “Fregat” as the deputy chairman of economics and financing department. She is the chairman of Pervomaysk city organization of the Party of the regions. She was the authorized delegate of V. Yanukovich at the president elections of 2004. In August 2008 Ludmila was elected the secretary of Pervomaysk city council instead of Irina Mezentzeva who resigned the office of her own añcord.

The special elections are assigned in connection with the fact that the mayor Irina Sicheva elected in March 2006 sent in her resignation because of disagreements with the deputy corps.