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Chernomortekhflot wins the tender for servicing the GE Delta-Pilot Canals
10:10 / 14.03.2009

MYKOLAIV, MARCH, 14h, 2009, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE GE Delta-Pilot (Mukolaiv) chose Chernomortekhflot (Odesa) for technical for servicing of their Canals in 2009, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The press-service of GE Delta-Pilot informed the agency about it today, 14 March.

The value of the contract will make 36 million 86 thousand UAH.

The change of the contractor is conditioned by economic aspects only, the work of the previous contractor was satisfactory.

Total value of servicing the Kherson Sea Canal makes 23 million 621 UAH.

The volume of bottom deepening of the Canal Buh-Dnieper-Lyman makes 1 million cubic metres, of the Kherson Canal 900 thousand cubic metres.

INFORMATION: Chernomortekhflot is a large highly mechanized enterprise owning more than 70 specialized vessels for performing all kinds of dredging and reclamation works in harbours, rivers and open roads conditions. Their fleet consists of bucket and suction dredgers, self-propelled dump scows and floating cranes, floating pipe drivers, mighty tugboats, oil tankers, diving boats and various auxiliary vessels and is able to provide dredging any soil including stiff clay and hard rock, dredged material transportation to sea dumping grounds at any distance, performing reclamation for creating new ground sites and industrial usage of dredged sand.

in over sixty years of activities the company through highly qualified personnel, their hard work and very effective modern techniques has successfully participated in harbour construction and reconstruction, dredged sea canals and inland waterways, irrigation canals and systems, trenches for pipelines and cables, pits for dams, docks, anchors, offshore installations, sea outfalls and water intakes.

Chernomortekhflot has international cooperation experience in Bulgaria, Yemen, Turkey, Vietnam and Argentina.