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Minster of Fuel and Energy: Unfortunately we don’t have either sellers or buyers of oil Odesa-Brody pipeline functioning obversely
11:27 / 06.05.2009

ODESA, MAY, 06th, 2009, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE – Minster of Fuel and Energy, Yurii Prodan believes today there are neither sellers nor buyers of oil when Odesa-Brody pipeline functioning obversely, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The minister stated it today, 6 May in Kyiv.

“As of today, unfortunately there is not a single owner to sell or a buyer on the western frontier… I don’t see so far any executors of the project”, — Yurii Prodan said.

The Minister also reminded in 2008 the Ministry of Fuel and Energy sent all large oil suppliers, potential investors and final consumers offers of participation in the project. The replies have not been received.

As Context-Prichernomorie reported before, President of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko stated he demanded from the Cabinet to urgently set the Odesa-Brody pipeline functioning obversely as it had been primarily projected.

“I realize what particular political reasons the Government had and still has to block such a decision. But I appeal today to the common sense and national interests. I am sure the government will find wisdom and courage to make the necessary decisions”, — President said.

Head of State reminded 9 April 2009, President of Azerbaijan stated again the country was ready to supply Caspian oil to satisfy Ukrainian and European markets including technical oil to provide operation of the Odesa-Brody pipeline.