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The crew members of M/V Beriks to apply to court against the Charterer of the ship
15:03 / 31.08.2009

ODESA, AUGUST, 31st, 2009, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE – The crew members of M/V Beriks intend to apply to court against the Charterer of the ship, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Head of Kerch Sea and River Transport Trade Union Boris Veistorg informed the agency about it today 31 August at a press-conference.

“Today I have applications of all the crew members of M/V Beriks concerning the fact their salaries have not been paid to them. The vessel was chartered by the Ukrfracht Company, Director Vladimir Nekhoroshev. As of not he has not got in contact with the crew, responding in the telephone calls he has nothing to do with the ship”, — Mr. Veistorg said.

“All the claims concerning salaries of the seamen during their work onboard M/V Beriks will be directed to court against Ukrfracht Ltd”, — he explained.

Ex-Captain of the vessel Leonid Prokhorov informed the crew members had not received their salaries for five months, and for two previous months partially. It is about approximately 130 thousand US dollars. After the repair the crew left the vessel and she was manned with new seamen.