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EU Commission for transport: Viking is the best transportation project 2009
11:41 / 02.12.2009

ODESA, DECEMBER, 2nd, 2009, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE – EU Commission for transport defined the Viking to be the best transport project in 2009, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Ilyia Levitskyi, CEO of Odesa Railway, informed the agency about it today 2 December during the presentation of the two projects the Viking and the Zubr in Odesa.

According to his report, “the European Union Commission defined the operation efficiency of the railways of Ukrainine, Belarus and Lithuania to be worth of the honourable award. At present in Europe there are many container lines as well as piggybacking , however the EU commissioners were attracted exactly by the Viking, stressing the regularity of its trips and efficiency. Since 2003 it has carried over 150 thousand containers and 539 automobile trains.”

“Ukrzaliznytsya (Ukrainian railway) has it in plans to widen the geography of the piggybacking. For this very reason the Zubr, that was created by the railways of Belarus. Latvia and Estonia interested much Ukrzaliznytsya”, Ilyia Levitskyi stressed.