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Mykolaivís kickboxers bring home 2 silver and 3 bronze medals from WAKO Cadets and Juniors World Championships 2010
15:50 / 27.09.2010

MYKOLAIV, SEPTEMBER 27th, 2010, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE ó Sportsmen of Mykolaiv won 2 silver and 3 bronze medals at World Association of Kickboxing Organiztions Cadets and Juniors World Championships held in Belgrade, Serbia, from 19 to 26 September, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Mykolaiv Regional Kickboxing Organization informed the agency about it today 27 September.

The competition gathered 1 thousand 850 athletes coming from more than 60 different countries of all 5 continents.

Mykolaivís young female kickboxers (coach Olena Bukalova) Kateryna Gladka and Ganna Vilska won the silver in the music forms, rough style with weapon and musical forms, soft style with weapons.

Ganna Vilska won the bronze as well (musical forms, soft style without weapon). Lesia Bulgakova (musical forms, soft style with weapon) and Kateryna Peteneva (musical forms, rough style with weapon).

Only one of the five girls fighting for Mykolaiv in Belgrade did not a get any award ó Ulya Chaplenko. 11-year-old debutant, overwhelmed withagitation, dropped her nunchucku, which deprived her of the victory. 10-year-old Lesia Bulgakova performed an enormously good début.

WAKO honoured Ukrainian Daria Danausova (4 gold medals at the world championships last year) inviting her to be part of the jury this year.