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Port of Yuzhny among transit cargo operations leaders in Ukraine
10:36 / 09.02.2011

ODESA, FEBRUARY 9th, 2011, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — GE Yuzhny Commercial Sea Port is among January leaders of transit cargo operations in Ukraine, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The agency has been informed about it today, 9 February, at the press office of the ministry of Infrastructure.

The volume of cargo operations grew significantly at Ukrainian ports in 2011, first of all it concerned transit cargoes, the press office reported. In January, 18 Ukrainian ports operated 9.3 million tons of cargoes which is 10.5% more than during the same period last year.

They added at the press office, at that transit cargo operations grew up by 60% hitting the level of 3.8 million tons.

“We made steady ground for growth last year that is why we have growth in main sectors in January and early February. We are to keep this work up in order to go to a new level of cargo operations”, a Ministry of Infrastructure official said.

It should be mentioned, measures to get the volume of cargo operations were being taken during the entire year. They were finally lost due to the world financial crisis.

The 2011 results demonstrate the following ports to be the cargo operations leaders: Mykolaiv Port – 235% growth compared to January 2010, Port of Kerch — 88%, Port of Yuzhny — 83%.

The main cargoes operated at Ukrainian ports are grain, metal, coal, oil and oil products.

INFORMATION: Commercial Sea Port of Yuzhny is situated in the North-West area of the Black Sea, on the ice-free Adzhalykskiy Liman and is a cargo operation turnover leader (20 million 698 thousand 600 tons in 2005). Main transportation directions: the Black Sea and the Mediterranean basins, the USA, Latin America, Middle East, South-Eastern Asia. All cargo, storage and auxiliary operations are carried out in the port. There work specialized complexes in the port for operation of mineral fertilizers, liquid chemicals, export overload berths for general and bulk cargoes.