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Odesa aircraft repair enterprise Odesaviaremservice commences production of Anatra replicas for Germany and US
15:43 / 23.05.2011

ODESA, MAY 23rd, 2011, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Germany and the United States ordered Anatra replicas from Odesa aircraft repair enterprise Odesaviaremservice, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Director of the State enterprises of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine Odesa aircraft repair plant Odesaviaremservice Vitaly Yukhachev announced it today 23 May during a press conference.

“Odesaviaremservice signed a contract with Antonova Concern providing co-production of components and assemblies for aircrafts such as Antonov. The project is under implementation. I think that this year the first sets of this kind of units will be delivered. Also, there are a number of orders for construction and repair of aircraft from the Defence Ministry”, he said.

“We have orders from Germany and the United States as well. They provide construction of the aircraft Anatra replica. The original of this aircraft is in the Prague Museum of Aviation”, added the company official.

INFORMATION: State enterprise of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine “Odesa Aircraft Repair Plant Odesaviaremservice was founded by banker and industrialist Artur Anatra as Odesa aircraft manufacturing plant based on Odesa flying club's workshops in 1911. From this period to the present time specialists of the plant have mastered overhaul of 28 types of aircraft and 16 types of aircraft engines. Today due to advanced manufacture network and progressive technology, the company is ready to provide aviation materiel repair, upgrading, maintenance, and after-sales service, spare parts manufacturing and personnel training.