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Opinion: Ukrainian karate reaches the international level
16:06 / 10.08.2011

ODESA, AUGUST 10th, 2011, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Chairman WUKF Referee Comission Sever Cucu says Ukrainian karate has reached the international level, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Mr Cucu said it today, 10 August, during a press conference dedicated to the Karate World Cup being held in Odesa.

According to the WUKF official, judges and participants representing Ukraine are highly trained professionals. Over the past three years, Ukraine has trained several highly qualified judges who work at world and European championships. Within several years, Ukrainian athletes developed from newcomers to the leaders of world tournaments.

Now world-class tournaments are held on the territory of Ukraine and fully comply with the requirements of this class.

President of the World Union of Karate federations in Eastern Europe, the president of the Federation of Ukraine Valery Kusiy, in turn, added, “thanks to our athletes Ukraine is among the four most powerful nations together with Britain, Romania and Italy. The strongest team of Russia, unfortunately, has lost the position over the last three years, but we are waiting for their revenge, to be held next year, when the teams will meet in a tournament for the title of the strongest nation.”