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Opinion: Odesa has an immense potential from the point of view of receiving foreign yachtsmen
09:21 / 13.10.2011

ODESA, OCTOBER 13th, 2011, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Honorary President of the Yacht Club Odesa Valeriy Gaidukevich says Odesa has an immense potential from the point of view of receiving foreign yachtsmen, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Mr Gaidukevich stated today, 13 October, during a press conference in Odesa.

“We already have experience organizing regattas, including international ones. We succefully received the regatta from Romania — all the participants were content about our reception. Of course, over the time before the regatta starts, we should solve a series of questions to simplify the procedures for boaters from other states, to make these procedures simple and understandable for all sailors who want to come to Odesa”, he said.

“The potential of Odesa is enormous in terms of the possibility of receiving foreign yachtsmen. The problem is that, to date, the procedures upon arrival of sailors in Ukraine, are very cumbersome, opaque and regulated. It is unclear why such a barrier is created. This, in fact, is the reason why foreign yachtsmen do not come so often. Of course, we are more open in this respect than in Russia. We need to simplify the system. But I think that before the regatta will start in our country the situation in this area will change. Odesa is ready to host this regatta. We would like to make this regatta contributed to the development of yachting in Ukraine. In European countries, the procedure for acquiring the right to find in the waters of this or another state is very simple. And there are countries that do not require it at all”, said the Honorary President of the Yacht Club.