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Ukrainian Danube Shipping lacks export cargoes
13:14 / 02.02.2012

ODESA, FEBRUARY 2nd, 2012, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Deputy President of the Board, Ukrainian Danube Shipping, Volodymyr Zaporozhan says the company lacks export cargoes (up the Danube), Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The company’s press service informed today, 2 February.

“The situation on the Danube can be viewed upon from two perspectives. The first is the navigation and the second is trade or economic. Compared with the second half of 2011, the navigation conditions on the river have been more or less favourable for shipping”, said V. Zaporozhan.

“As far the economic side is concerned, there are problems, and the chief one among them is shortage of export goods (up the Danube). In connection with the announced sale of the steel plant US Steel in Smederevo the operation of the blast furnaces has been suspended. This may cause a situation when a significant amount of iron ore will leave the Danube basin and there will be complete change in the balance of goods fleet capacity. This situation may require reformatting of the river fleet, up to the need for upward movement of ballast circuit with loading only one reverse. This, in turn, will change the economy, transport, the scheme of their organization, in the end adversely affect the operation of the fleet”, he said.

INFORMATION: Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company was founded in 1944, is one of the biggest shipping companies both in Ukraine and the Danube area. The company produces 25 percent of transport production along 2400 km from the mouth of the Danube to the port of Kelheim; after the launch of Rhine-Main-Danube canal system vessels can make trip to the North Sea. The company’s fleet counts 600 units. Over 3500 people are employed at the enterprise.