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Western Baltija Shipbuilding, Lithuania, commissions multipurpose dry-cargo barge Ptsich designed by Marine Engineering Bureau, Odesa
14:58 / 19.03.2012

ODESA, MARCH 19, 2012, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Western Baltija Shipbuilding, Lithuania, has commissioned multipurpose dry-cargo barge Ptsich designed by Marine Engineering Bureau, Odesa, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The press service of Marine Engineering Bureau today, 19 March.

The press service noted that 16 March, Western Baltija Shipbuilding, Klaipeda, Lithuania, a solemn commissioning of the head multipurpose dry-cargo barge Ptsich, DWT 6,100 tons of the (project DCB23 developed by Marine Engineering Bureau).

The barge can be used for the transportation of general and bulk cargoes, including steel products, scrap metal, grain, timber, logs and lumber, building materials and paper.

The barge is a steel-deck non-self propelled vessel with a double bottom, double sides, four holds equipped with hatch covers pontoon type, with the aft of Defence and the duty of the room.

INFORMATION: OJSC Marine Engineering Bureau was registered on March, 23rd, 1995 in Odesa, Ukraine. It was founded by a group of scientists of the Shipbuilding Department, Odesa National Maritime University. OJSC “Marine Engineering Bureau” works out pre-contract classification projects, projects of “conversion”, upgrade and renewal of sea vessels for internal and mixed journeys. They also prepare projects for increasing carrying and container capacities of ships and other related work.