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Opinion: Technologically Ukraine is hopelessly behind Europe as far as solar energy is concerned
16:15 / 05.04.2012

ODESA, APRIL 5th, 2012, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — President of the Association of the Participants of Market of Alternative Sources of Energy Vitalyi Daviy says technologically Ukraine is hopelessly behind Europe as far as solar energy is concerned, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Mr Daviy stated today, 5 April, during his meeting with journalists at the conference Solar Energy in East Europe and CIS countries CISOLAR-2012.

“As far as the technological basis is concerned, we have fallen well behind. With regard to the overall market and industry, then I think we have absolutely every chance to become a leader. We already are the leaders, as the world’s largest solar power plant with capacity of 100 megawatts is in Ukraine”, he said.

“From the technological point of view, we are lagging behind. Look, what solar power stations in Ukraine consist of: foreign modules, foreign investors, of course, our contractors, our developers and designers. So we cannot talk about the technological component is a little incorrect in the context of Ukraine being leader. Unfortunately, in this regard, we look at the segment of the automotive industry. We do produce some vehicles, but we cannot compare with the global giants”, said V. Daviy.