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Odesa athletes win 12 medals at the Wushu European Championships
13:43 / 09.04.2012

ODESA, APRIL 9th, 2012, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Odesa athletes in the squad of the Ukrainian national team won 12 medals at the Wushu European Championships, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The Odesa Regional State Administration Department for Physical Training and Sports informed today, 9 April.

According to the Department, from 25 to 31 March Tallinn, Estonia, hosted the 14th European Wushu Championships. 400 athletes from 29 countries competed in the categories Taolu and Sanshou. As a result, the Ukrainian team won the 2nd team place. First place was taken by the Russian national team, the third — by Turkey.

Ukrainian team won 24 gold, 35 silver and 19 bronze medals, with four of Odesa athletes in different age groups winning 8 first, two second and two third places.

“Oleksandr Pogorelov and Ksenia Manilo won their medals in the competitions among children — Oleksander won the gold, silver and bronze, Ksenia — 2 gold medals and the bronze, Anna Mandrik — in the junior tournament 2 gold medals and one silver medal, Ganna Varlamova triumphed in the adult category. She was three times champion of Europe”, reported in the Office.