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Communists held a picket against carrying out of the «Sea-Breeze» trainings in the Nikolaev region
15:31 / 11.07.2008

NIKOLAEV, JULY, 11TH, 2008, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Nikolaev regional committee of CPU has held a picket against carrying out of the «Sea-Breeze — 2008» trainings in the Nikolaev region, IA “Context-Prichernomorie” correspondent reports.

The agency was informed about this yesterday, on July, 10th, by the first secretary of CPU regional committee in the Nikolaev region Vladimir Matveev.

The picket has been held on the entrance to Koblevo (Nikolaev region). 55 persons have taken part in the action. Besides CPU, among picketeers there were also representatives of the All-Ukraine union of the Soviet officers.

As V. Matveev has informed, the basic purpose of the action is to show the attitude of inhabitants of the region to presence of NATO armies.

As organizers of the action have informed, pickets will be held during all the time of joint trainings of the Ukrainian armies and armies of NATO on the «Shiroky lan» range.

Military trainings «Sea-Breeze — 2008» are to be held in the Nikolaev region from July, 14 till July, 25th.