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Maslenitsa festivities to be held in Odesa on Sunday
15:21 / 13.03.2013

ODESA, MARCH 13th, 2013, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE ― Outdoor festivities dedicated to the winter’s send off Maslenitsa will be held on Sunday, March 17, in Odesa, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Odesa City Council Information Office reported today, 13 March.

According to the information, March 17, at the main entrance to the Shevchenko Park the gala festivities, Maslenitsa, will be held. The holiday programme concludes songs and dances, various contests with prizes and gifts, free food ― tea with pancakes, surprises for children and adults.

The programme involved the participation of “Nostalgia” amateur-talent group, “Committee to protect citizens” public organization, children art amateur groups.

The event is supported by the Mayor Oleksiy Kostusev.

The event start time is 12:00.