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OIFF presents its official poster 2013
10:53 / 20.03.2013

ODESA, MARCH 20th, 2013, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE ― The official poster of the OIFF 2013 is presented, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

President of the Odesa International Film Festival Viktoria Tigipko reported yesterday, 19 March, during the press conference.

“The official poster of the OIFF 2013 is based on the Instagram photo, made in Odesa. Traditionally posters of OIFF are created on the basis of conceptual images that are directly related to Odesa and reflect the ideology of the festival in a special way. Such interactivity is close to the concept of Odesa International Film Festival, where Grand Prix for the best movie in the international competition programme is awarded by audience choice. The audience of OIFF has become one of the key characters of the huge cinema event”, Viktoria Tigipko noted.

“Since Odesa is of one the ‘epicentres’ of Instagram-culture in Ukraine, where Instagram photo exhibitions are held on a regular basis, the shot of Elena Lebedinskaya was chosen as the official image of IV OIFF”, she added.

Picture was taken at the Odesa club “Plyazhnik”. In the shot is the decoration of the play “4D pridurki”.

As previously reported, the IV Odesa International Film Festival will be held through 12 ― 20 July 2013.