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Kherson ship-building factory plans further increase of manufacture volumes in 2008
10:27 / 23.07.2008

KHERSON, JULY, 23RD, 2008, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Open joint-stock company «Kherson ship-building factory» plans further increase of manufacture volumes with up to 395 million UAH for a year in 2008, up to 600 million UAH in 2009, IA “Context-Prichernomorie” correspondent reports.

The agency was informed about this by the representative of the company referring to a communique of the company.

As IA “Context-Prichernomorie” informed, the volume of production produced in 2007 has made 230 million UAH. Activity of the enterprise for 2007 has made a profit of 387.0 thousand UAH. 18 million UAH is to be involved in 2008 for modernization, reconstruction and re-equipment of manufacture of Kherson SBF.

As IA “Context-Prichernomorie” informed, it has been told in the application of the press-service of Open Society «Kherson ship-building factory» from February, 1st, 2008, that right after arrival of the investor per 2005, 15 million UAH has been put in restoration of manufacture and modernization of the equipment, in 2006 – 49.5 million UAH, in 2007 — 73 million UAH, total sum for three years – 137.5 million UAH.

INFORMATION: Among services given by society, construction and repair of vessels, manufacture of metal constructions, processing of metal are the main ones. The basic commodity markets are Ukraine and Russia as well as the Baltics and countries of the far abroad.