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Nika-Tera Terminal increased cargo turnover by 35% for 10 months
22:25 / 28.11.2014

MYKOLAIV, NOVEMBER 28th, 2014, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Marine Terminal “Nika-Tera” has increased its turnover by 35% in January-October, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The press service of a specialized port “Nika-Tera” noted today, 28 November.

According to the information, the marine terminal “Nika-Tera” realized 3 million 664.8 thousand tons of cargo handling for 10 months in 2014.

For 10 months in total freight turnover crops accounted for 45.8% (1 million 678.6 thousand tons), fertilizers — 27.1% (991.9 thousand tons), general cargo — 26,8% (982.4 thousand tons), liquid cargo — 0.3% (11.9 thousand tons).

Transshipment of export cargo for the period was increased by 62.7% to 2 919.1 thousand tons, and imported goods — by 5.7% to 210.4 thousand tons. Transloading of the transit cargo has been decreased by 27% to 525.9 thousand tons and coastal freight handling was decreased by 42.6% to 2.3 thousand tons. In addition, in January-October was made loading into wagons 7.1 thousand tons of cargo with further transportation in Ukraine.

In October 2014 the terminal “Nika-Tera” realized transshipment 414.6 thousand tons of cargo. The total turnover in October totaled crops — 282.4 thousand tons, mineral fertilizers — 96, 1 thousand tons, general cargo — 36.1 thousand tons.

In October, the company processed 21 freighters. Of the total cargo exports amounted to 351.9 thousand tons; import — 34.7 thousand tons; transit — 26.6 thousand tons. In addition, in October it has been made the loading of 1.4 thousand tons of cargo with further transportation in Ukraine.

“In October, we have expanded the range of transshipped cargo — we had a bentonite clay. The company also increased its handling of phosphate rock. In general, since the beginning of the year the turnover of our company has been increased by 35% when compared to January-October last year,” the Chairman of the company ‘Specialized Port “Nika-Tera”’ Oleksandr Gaid said.

Earlier it was reported that for the first 9 months of 2014 the volume of cargo handling in the marine terminal “Nika-Tera” amounted to 3 million 250.2 thousand tons of cargo, which is 32.9% more than the same period last year.