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The US investment fund is a new shareholder of “Container Terminal Ilyichivsk”
23:51 / 27.02.2015

ODESSA, FEBRUARY 27th, 2015, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — The US investment fund Siguler Guff & Company has become the new shareholder of the private enterprise “Container Terminal Ilyichivsk”, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The press service of the Administration of the Ports of Ukraine noted today, 27 February.

According to the information, the new investor indirectly owns 50% share in CTI. Management of the New York-based company intends to use its global expertise for developing production volumes of CTI as well as increasing container capacity of Ilyichivsk seaport.

“Despite the difficult economic situation in the country, we plan to continue developing and growing. CTI has already invested USD 56 million into the infrastructure of Ilyichivsk Commercial Sea Port and will continue improving the throughput of the terminal. The new partner’s stake in CTI will help us implement our plans,” CEO of CTI Andriy Pavlyutin commented.

Representatives of Siguler Guff & Company also consider their interest in CTI rather promising. Ukraine's economy will recover. There has been a significant political reboot and important reforms are being implemented. Rich in resources and boasting highly educated population of over 45 million, Ukraine presents new opportunities for the investment firm.

Note that together with Siguler Guff & Company, CTI is now owned by German forwarding company SRR Deutschland with 25% share in the company, and by CEO of CTI, a citizen of Ukraine Andriy Pavlyutin, who owns another 25%.