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Construction of a new terminal in Odessa will contribute to reduce the cost of handling grain
05:34 / 02.06.2015

ODESSA, JUNE 2nd, 2015, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Director General of the stevedoring company “Brooklyn-Kiev” Yuri Gubankov has said that construction of a new terminal in the port of Odessa due to increased competition will promote cheaper grain handling, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Yuri Gubankov stated today, June 2, in the course of communication with journalists in the port of Odessa.

“Any terminal under construction is, first, the creation of jobs. Secondly, the creation of new transshipment facilities is the development of competition. It means that prices will fall in the transshipment. Today in Europe, grain handling costs 5-6 dollars, and in Ukraine — twice as expensive. Naturally, this entire burden placed on farmers. Agricultural producers receive less because transport companies are getting more. The more container terminals, the lower the rates for the transshipment,” he mentioned.