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Ministry of Infrastructure intends to take measures to the heads of ports who restrain deregulation
04:18 / 03.11.2015

ODESSA, NOVEMBER 3th, 2015, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — The Ministry of Infrastructure intends to take rigorous measures to the heads of administrations of the seaports, who do not provide deregulating development of their respective ports, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The press service of the Administration of the Ports of Ukraine noted today, 3 November.

According to the press service, issues related to the further development of port community information system (PCIS), were submitted to the 20th meeting of the Interagency Working Group on Facilitation of International Trade and Logistics in Ukraine (IWG), which took place in Kyiv 30 October 2015.

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Yuriy Vaskov in his speech pointed out that in today's environment of continuing deregulation of port legislation, the role created with the assistance of the IWG “single electronic window” will grow every day.

In order to ensure control over the procedures of deregulation in the seaports of Ukraine, the ministry has obliged heads of administrations of the seaports to exercise control over these procedures.

“In those cases where control was weak or statistics provided by these subsidiaries of the SE “APU” was incorrect, MIM has already decided on the measures of disciplinary influence to such leaders. Soon we will make decisions in respect of managers who incorrectly, inefficiently and unreliably carried out this monitoring! The task of MIM is to bring the procedure of deregulation to the maximum target, and forget about those rudiments that hampered the development of the industry,” Yuriy Vaskov said.

Deputy Chairman of the State Enterprise “APU” Vyacheslav Voronoy in a speech reported on the main objectives of the Plan of PCIS for 2016 and in the long term up to 2020, and presented the results that have been achieved in the course of PCIS and parallel to implement procedures aimed at deregulation and simplification procedures at sea ports of Ukraine.