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Yuzhny Port signed a contract for the purchase of oil skimmer
07:59 / 24.11.2015

ODESSA, NOVEMBER 24th, 2015, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Today, November 24, an agreement was signed for the purchase of oil skimmer between the administration of the Yuzhny Sea Port and Kherson shipyard, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The press service of the Administration of Ports of Ukraine noted today, 24 November.

According to the press service, on behalf of the Kherson Shipyard General Director Vasily Fedin was attended, from the management of the administration of the Yuzhny Sea Port agreement signed by the head of administration Maxim Shirokov.

The project will extend the functionality of the cleaning of Yuzhny seaport and the surrounding maritime areas from the effects of the oil spill, oil, bilge water and household water, solid residues and debris to ensure environmental safety.

“One of the objectives of the administration of the Yuzhny sea port is to ensure a high level of safety of navigation and environmental protection in accordance with international and national requirements,” Mr Shirokov noted.

The press service stressed that the oil skimmer, built at the Kherson shipyard, will not be unique among this type of vessels operating in seaports of Ukraine, and will be the first ship acquired since the founding of the State Enterprise “APU”.