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Modernization of the navigation equipment in the Bug-Dnieper-Liman and Kherson sea canals
12:44 / 06.06.2016

NIKOLAEV, 06 JUN 2016, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie -- Modernization of the navigation equipment in the Bug-Dnieper-Liman and Kherson sea canals, all unlighted buoys replaced by the glowing, the correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie» reports.

Agency was informed today, on June 6, by the press service of the SE «ASPU».

According to the press service, Bug-Dniepr-Liman and Kherson sea channels replaced all unlighted buoys by the glowing.

Replacement of navigation equipment was made by a public institution «Gosgidrografiya» («the state hydrographic service of Ukraine») by order of the owner of channels branch «Delta-pilot» of SE «ASPU».

Modernization of the buoys will significantly improve the navigation and hydrographic support in the region for large-scale navigation in the dark and in poor visibility conditions, as well as the basis for the liberalization of the rules of navigation in the region.

Considering the growth trend in cargo fleet tonnage and processing volumes in the ports of Nikolaev region, branch of «Delta-pilot» in 2013 commissioned an engineering and scientific works on complex analysis of safety conditions of navigation of large ships in BDLC and KSC, in particular, the definition of conditions for safe transactions of large ships, that are larger than allowable, taking into account the existing regulations and technical specifications of navigable canals.

The results of research identified the need to replace all non-luminous lateral buoy system by glowing.

The research results were also used to adjust passports BDLC and KSC and taken into account in the preparation of the new edition of the «Rules of navigation and pilotage in the North-Western part of the Black Sea, Bug-Dnieper-Liman and Kherson Sea Channels», which are currently being finalized by Ministry of Infrastructure.

The conditions for a substantial reduction of restrictions on shipping of large vessels and unconditional improvement of safety of navigation this is the result of the modernization of the navigation equipment.

Full deregulation envisaged in the composition of works on designing of reconstruction of BDLC. These costs are provided and approved in the financial plan of the branch «Delta-pilot» SE «ASPU».

REFERENCE: Bug-Dnieper-Liman channel (BDLC) and Kherson Sea Channel (KSC) — hydraulic structures of national importance, ensuring the passage of ships from the Black Sea to the sea and river ports, terminals, shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises of Nikolaev and Kherson regions. Total length of BDLC — 81.368 km, number of bends — 12, announced maximum draft of vessels — 10.3 m, total length of the route KSC -. 40 km, number of bends 3, declared maximum draft of vessels — 7.6 m.