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The administration of SSP «Oktyabrsk» has received permission for maintenance dredging
13:15 / 01.08.2016

NIKOLAEV, 01 AUGUST 2016, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie — Administration of the specialized sea port «Oktyabrsk» got indefinite permission to work on operational dredging, the correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie» reports.

It was reported to the agency today, on August 1, by the press service of the SSP “Oktyabrsk» administration.

According to the press service, the administration of SSP «Oktyabrsk» got indefinite permission to work (except for construction) on the lands of water fund for in-service operating dredging waters moorings, water approaches to them, in-depth area to anchorage ¹363 of the specialized sea port «Oktyabrsk».

The permit is valid for the entire period of operation of the internal approach channels, navigation channels and harbors, subject to the immutability of the technical characteristics of the port, the internal approach, the navigable channel identified by the passport, technological solutions and work performance conditions.

Ecological Safety Section Head Tatyana Belopolsky noticed that the above work will be accompanied by a comprehensive environmental monitoring. By the results of the work will be accomplished passport depths to ensure safe reception of ships that will allow to increase the cargo volumes and economic performance of handling port.

When operational dredging is expected to perform deepening the harbor waters to the passport stamps and a further annual maintenance dredging.