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«Partnership in the framework of the Association the Euroregion «Lower Danube» is a real tool for the development of Bessarabia», — the Chairman of the regional Council
13:31 / 16.08.2016

Odessa, 16 AUGUST 2016, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie -- Development of Bessarabia in 2016-2017 will occur in the framework of the Euroregion Association «Lower Danube», the correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie» reports.

It was reported to the agency today, August 16, in the press service of the Odessa regional Council.

«Today, as never before, we are interested in cooperation with European partners. Due to the difficult economic situation in Ukraine and lack of funds in the state budget for the decision of some problems, the alternative may be international assistance.

Partnerships in the framework of the Euroregion Association «Lower Danube», this is a real tool for the development of Bessarabia»,— said chairman of the regional Ñouncil Anatoly Urbansky.

According to the press service, with the support of Association implemented projects, most of which have an environmental focus. In particular, in the Vilkovo town completed the reconstruction of treatment facilities and extension of the sewerage system. Repair work is funded by grants of the European Union in the framework of large-scale investment project «Inventory, evaluation and reduction of the impact of anthropogenic sources of pollution in the Lower Danube region of Ukraine, Romania and the Republic of Moldova». «By combining the efforts of the participating regions and individual communities, we have achieved positive results», — added A. Urbansky.

In addition, the chairmanship of Anatoly Urbansky in the Euroregion «Lower Danube» for 2016- 2017 years makes it possible to restore relationships with partners of Moldova and Romania to launch a ferry services Orlovka — Isaccea and Izmail — Tulcea. It is also planned to introduce rail route Odessa — Bucharest.