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Prospects for the use of geoinformation technologies are discussing today in Odessa regional Institute of public administration
15:46 / 15.09.2016

Odessa, 15 SEPTEMBER 2016, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie III international scientific-practical conference «Geoinformation technologies in territorial management» held on 15-16 September at the Odessa regional Institute of public administration National Academy of State administration under the President of Ukraine, the correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie» reports.

The main goal of the conference is the scientific discussion of the prospects of use of geoinformation technologies in territorial development management and development of practical recommendations on information and analytical support of decision-making at the level of regional and local authorities, enterprises of different industries with the aim of developing the resource potential of the territories.

During the discussion it was noted that in the context of decentralization of power in Ukraine and the transfer of powers to local authorities there is a need to use modern technologies of strategic planning of development of territories on the basis of leading European and world urban planning practices to ensure a high quality of life of the population. The quality of life of the population is in the first place, effectively ensure the needs of citizens (community service) and the provision of quality services (administrative and social). The world's best and already successful domestic experience of territorial control indicates the high performance of GIS technology as a support tool for making strategic, tactical and operational decisions of local authorities.

During the conference, special attention is given to the priorities and prospects for systemic use of tools of geoinformation modeling and design in territorial management; applied aspects of use of technology of geographic information systems in regional management and spatial planning; the use of geographic information technologies in the educational process.

Open discussion of scientists and practitioners enabled participants to concentrate on urgent issues: problems of the development of geographic information resources of Ukraine; design solutions and software for the development and maintenance of municipal GIS; the development and creation of geographic information systems to issues of territorial planning and management; modern geoinformation provision of public administration for solving issues of the local and national levels.

Odessa regional Institute of public administration traditionally performs an intellectual platform for the exchange of experience of different scientific schools of territorial administration and implementation of innovative technologies of spatial analysis and planning as well as infrastructure facility for the exchange of knowledge, experience and technology that will contribute to quality preparation of highly qualified specialists in the sphere of public management.