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Astronomical Observatory of Odessa National University celebrated the 145th anniversary
10:24 / 07.10.2016

Odessa, 07 OCTOBER 2016, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie Astronomical Observatory of Odessa National University named after Mechnikov turned 145 years, the correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie» reports.

This date was devoted to a series of events that took place yesterday, October 6, at the Observatory in Shevchenko Park.

During the press conference it was noted that Odessa Astronomical Observatory one of the first scientific institutions in the south of Ukraine, which continues its scientific work without interruption already 145 years. Today the Observatory is working on a number of basic and applied research: Astrometry and celestial mechanics the study of the movement of satellites, asteroids, comets; Astrophysics a study of the Sun and the stars; Physics of the Galaxy and extragalactic astronomy; cosmogony a study of our universe, of its evolution, development, birth, predictions on how it will evolve over billions of years.

The Observatory has more than 70 employees, leading studies in 38 research areas. The Observatory carries out large-scale scientific conference, which annually brings together scientists from 20 countries.

Educational work observatory includes lectures for younger students, trips for high school students, the publication of astronomical calendars and research, which are the highest in Ukraine citation index, which testifies to their credibility in the international scientific community.

The representative of the National Control Center and Testing of Space Resources noted the invaluable contribution of the University and the Odessa Observatory team in the development of Ukraine's space control systems, information which is used in the interests of national security and defense.

«This year signed an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation with the National Center of Space Facilities Control and Test. With the establishment of an international conglomerate for control of outer space for safe and efficient space exploration is a separate line in the place of honor will stand the Odessa astronomical Observatory», he added.