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Handling of grain in the sea port «Yuzhny» for 9 months exceeded 5.3 million tons
10:07 / 11.10.2016

Odessa, 11 OCTOBER 2016, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie For the first 9 months of 2016, the rate of grain transshipment in the sea port «Yuzhny» was 5 million 364,1 thousand tons, the correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie» reports.

It was reported to the agency today, October 11, in a press-service of the SE «Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority».

According to the press service, during January-September 2016 the turnover of goods in the «Yuzhny» seaport totaled 29 million 608.4 thousand tons, which is 16.5% below the same period in 2015. Transshipment of export cargo amounted to 22 million 172.7 thousand tons (down 19.6%), imports 3 million 287.4 thousand tons (12.8% reduction), transit 3 million 193.0. thousand tons (down 22%), domestic goods 955.3 thousand tons (index exceeding 2015 931.9 thousand tons).

Reduced handling of import cargo is due to a decrease in imports of coal, petroleum, and others, export of goods due to the decrease in the transshipment of grain, chemical cargoes, oil products, ores, coal, metal, transit cargo — a decrease in traffic of bulk chemical cargoes, ores, coal, fertilizers. The high rate of cabotage transshipment of goods related to the increase of ore transportation (iron ore).

The main cargoes in the sea port «Yuzhny» for 9 months of 2016 was: ore 15 million 847,5 thousand tons (a reduction of 17.5%), coal 2 million 601,6 thousand tons (a reduction of 29.4%), grain 5 million 364,1 thousand tons (a decrease of 21.6%), urea 1 million 17.9 thousand tons (+2,8%), fertilizers 55,0 thousand tons (a decline of 81.0%), oil products 251.8 thousand tons (a decline of 13.2%), and oil 739,3 thousand tons (+12.2 percent), methanol 22.3 thousand tons (a decrease of 70.7%), ammonia 1996,0 thousand tons (decrease on 12,2%), containers 61.6 thousand TEU (+57,6%) or 725,3 thousand tons (+64.8 %), metal 85.4 thousand tons (+65.3 %), other 902,1 thousand tons (+36.9 %).

The number of processed vessels under cargo operations in the seaport water area «Yuzhny» decreased by 0.6% to 788 calls, of which ships of the type «Cape-size» 26.5%, vessels with deadweight of 90-150 thousand tons 33.3%. However, there is a positive dynamics of vessels with deadweight of 70 to 90 thousand tons (+17%) and vessels with deadweight of 70 thousand tons (+3.9 %).

The volume of processing of goods for 9 months of state stevedoring companies at berths of administration of the sea port «Yuzhny» amounted to 13 million 74,4 thousand tons (a decrease of 7.2%, or 1 million 14.0 thousand tons in the same period in 2015), private stevedoring companies at berths of the port administration 1 million 890,1 thousand tons (+4,1% or +73,9 thousand tons in the same period in 2015), and private stevedoring companies at their own berths 14 million 643,9 thousand tons (a decline of 24.1% or 4 million 651,2 thousand tons over the same period of 2015).