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Port Authority «Yuzhny» announced via Prozorro system tender for dredging
11:51 / 24.11.2016

Odessa, 24 NOVEMBER 2016, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie — Administration of the seaport «Yuzhny» announced via the procurement system Prozorro tender purchases for dredging, the correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie» reports.

It was reported to the agency today, November 24, in the press service of the administration of the sea port «Yuzhny».

Procurement for the construction of the first starting complex of the first stage of the project «Reconstruction of water approaches, maneuvering areas and water areas operating at berths considering prospective turnover of the seaport «Yuzhny» involves reaching depths of 16 meters to the water approaches and waters berths นน23-25. Dredging is realized in the framework of the agreement on the creation of a new grain terminal between SE «USPA» and «M. B. Cargo», signed in March 2016.

During works it is planned to remove 4.4 million cubic meters of soil. The expected cost of works is 1 billion 435 million.

Second purchase for construction of object «Reconstruction of marine approach channel and inland waterway approaches to deep-water berths of the sea port «Yuzhny» re-announced due to the cancellation of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine of the previous tender.

After completion of the work on internal and approach channels of the port will be achieved depth of 21 meters, the operating area piers No. 5 and 6 of the state enterprise «STP «Yuzhny» will be reached the depth of 19 meters. Revised design approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 674-R of 14 September. During the work, scheduled to be removed 3.4 million cubic meters of soil. The expected cost of the works amounts to about 1 billion hryvnia.

«We invite all companies — both foreign and Ukrainian — to participate in the procurement. All tender documentation is available on site Prozorro. By carrying out these works the port of «Yuzhny» will significantly increase the level of competitiveness in the domestic and international markets, port services, port operators will be able to attract new cargo flows and to maximize profits and taxes. In addition, to achieve maximum transparency of procurement we invite you to connect to the monitoring projects of public organizations and specialists», — said the head of the port authority Maxim Shirokov.

The press service added that thanks to the implementation of projects in the water area of the port will involve additional investments in development of port capacities and construction of new port terminals. This will create new jobs, increased revenues to local budgets.

Implementation of the approved development plan by the government will make the port «Yuzhny» most promising and the largest Black Sea harbor. Thus estimates of the maximum amount of handling dry bulk cargo in the «Yuzhny» seaport amount of 120 million tons per year.

As reported IA «Context-Prichernomorie», following the results of 12 months of 2015 total turnover of public and private stevedoring companies operating in the seaport «Yuzhny», amounted to about 48.6 million tons.