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In Nikolaev seaport will operate a new security service
12:57 / 07.12.2016

NIKOLAEV, 07 DECEMBER 2016, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie After identifying a number of systematic violations in the work of the security service of the Nikolaev sea port, Administration has taken a decision on the conclusion of the contract with the security company and held a tender through the system Prozorro, the correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie» reports.

It was reported to the agency today, on December 07, in the press service of the Nikolaev Sea Port administration.

To test the knowledge of staff of the service was held certification of employees.

As it turned out, more than half of employees do not have even the basic skills of its work. For 3 years there was no detention of offenders, at the time, once in the last 4 months there are about 30 illegal actions of unauthorized persons.

In addition, to ensure the protection it took more than 12 million UAH per year, despite the fact that the security guards were provided with means by the seaport.

Thus, it was decided to hold an open tender Prozorro for security services. The port security will cost only 8 million UAH despite the fact that the enterprise-the winner provides their employees with their own funds.

Signing the agreement, the firm all responsibility for the protection assumes, moreover, it self-organizes its employees, that is, in case of their absence, the replacement goes quickly, without intervention of staff of the port authority.

«The new security firm will provide adequate security while saving, compared with previous years, 4 million UAH.» stressed in the press-service.