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Cargo turnover through the SSP «Oktyabrsk» for 12 months exceeded 6.5 million tons
10:41 / 10.01.2017

Nikolaev, 10 JANUARY 2017, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie In January-December, the total turnover of the companies operating in the specialized sea port «Octyabrsk», was 6 million 538.6 thousand tons, the correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie» reports.

It was reported to the agency today, January 10, in the press-service of the SE «Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority».

The press service reported that, according to operative data, the total turnover at the port for 12 months amounted to 6 million 538.6 thousand tons or 94.6% compared to January-December 2015.

Liquid cargo for 12 months in the port handled 41.38 thousand tons (186.3% to the index of January-December 2015); bulk dry cargo 5 million 676.06 thousand tons (102.5%); unitized cargo 821.16 thousand tons (60.8%).

REFERENCE: Specialized sea port «Oktyabrsk» (currently is in the process of renaming according to the law on decommunization) is located on the left Bank of the Dnepro-Bugsky estuary. The port area is 178,8 ha. The ships approach to the port via the Bugsko-Dneprovsko Limansky channel (BDLK). For loading and unloading and maintenance of marine and river vessels the port has 7 berths with a total length of 1.53 km. Depth and length of the mooring line can take vessels up to 250 m, width up to 40 m, with a deadweight up to 80 thousand tons. The declared draught in the port is 10.5 m. Specialized sea port processing capacity is up to 5 million tons of general cargo per year.