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Happy Independence Day!
19:06 / 23.08.2011

20 years of independence sounds serious. It is not the questionable, yet very ‘childish’ 5th Anniversary, not the unstable 10the Anniversary, not even the storming 15th Anniversary. 20 years can be called the first anniversary of a conscious young country.

But despite the celebratory dates, our society is not united. For some, these 20 years were a daily witness of collapse and loss, some, on the contrary, believe that independence should have been built more actively and faster, without regard to anything, and many, fortunately, in spite of that, are proud of their country — Ukraine. And yet, 20 years is the first step towards the future of our children, who we hope will live in the unified, independent and beautiful Ukraine.

The Context-Prichernomorie News Agency sincerely congratulates our subscribers, readers and friends on the Independence Day!