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Bilateral Ukrainian-American naval trainings “Sea Breeze — 2008” with the invitation of other countries have started today, on July, 14th, in the Odessa region
09:28 / 15.07.2008

An overall objective of maneuvers which will be held both in the Odessa and Nikolaev regions and Autonomous republic Crimea, is working off the actions of multinational staffs and forces during planning and carrying out of peace-making operation under NATO standards.

The supervision of “Sea Breeze — 2008” trainings from the Ukrainian party will be carried out by the first vice-commander of Navies of Ukraine vice-admiral Victor Maksimov, from the American party — rear admiral of Naval Forces of the USA John Moore.

Military men of 17 countries of the world will take part in trainings, — in particular, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, the Great Britain, Armenia, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Canada, Latvia, Macedonia, Romania, the USA, Turkey, Ukraine, France and Germany.

Military men, arms and military technics from all kinds of the Ukrainian army are involved in trainings From Armed forces of Ukraine, in particular: the big landing ship «Konstantin Olshansky», a korvet «Lutsk», a trawler «Melitopol», a road trawler «Genichesk», a saving towing vessel «Kremenets», an artillery boat «Skadovsk», a small diving vessels «Svatovo» and «Nitishin», a sanitary boat «Sokal’, a sea infantry battalion, a division of a separate sea engineering battalion with technics, an aeromobile company, a saving paraborne group, a command of divers and a rescue group.

Besides two planes Il-76Md and Be-12, sanitary plane An-26 «Vita» and transport plane An-26, helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-14, up to 16 armored troop-carriers, special vehicles and lorries, divisions of Military service of the law and order in Armed Forces of Ukraine are involved in trainings.

Forces from other countries-participants of trainings will represent seven ships of «destroyer», «frigate», «rocket boat , «small landing ship» and «an auxiliary vessel» classes, 3 planes, divisions of sea infantry and the mechanized divisions, groups of divers, staff officers and observers.

In total up to 1 thousand military men will take part in these trainings.

“Sea Breeze — 2008” maneuvers which are traditionally carried out within the limits of the NATO program «Partnership for the sake of the world», will be prolonged till July, 28th.