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Erasmus Mundus consortium meeting held in Odesa
12:32 / 05.10.2012

Erasmus Mundus consortium meeting was held at the Odesa National Mechnikov University. The heads of universities of Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Ukraine and France attended the event.

Head of the International Relations Department of the University of Turku in Finland Irina Pakkanen noted “Erasmus Mundus” is a project financed by the European Union. This project is a cooperation with the Eastern European countries, one of which is Ukraine. This programme is for getting high education. First of all, this is the programme for the mobility of students, teachers, researchers and universities academic staff. Odesa National University is a member of the “Erasmus Mundus” for many years.

“Now we are part of a new Mobility for Innovation and Development project and the Odesa National University is an active participant. It sends and receives students. This time ONU organizes the project meeting”, she added. “The aims of this project are, first of all, to find new partners and learn how the Bologna process develops in new countries joined to the project. Also this project should set the organizational conditions for the competition, which will be announced 18 October. Any student, academic staff or a researcher who wants to undertake the internship or training in the countries of the European Union, should register on our site”.