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Sea Breeze 2013 participants to focus on evacuation
15:20 / 13.02.2013

Participants in the Sea Breeze 2013 exercises will conduct security operations at sea with an emphasis on emergency evacuations. Participating in the event, apart from the Ukrainian and US sides, are also representatives of other countries that confirmed their participation in the exercises: Germany, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, Turkey, Canada, Italy and Bulgaria.

On the first day of the conference about 70 servicemen from participating countries worked out the plan of action for forces at the exercises and started planning the operation. In particular, it was decided that the Ukrainian side would be represented in the exercises by all branches of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Over 20 ships, about 15 airplanes and helicopters, an integrated brigade of marines, special forces and search and rescue services will practice interacting during the Sea Breeze 2013 drills.

The participants in manoeuvres will work out a number of joint exercises on responding to natural and man-made disasters and improve the skills of interaction during humanitarian operations to ensure the safety of civilians.

The military are currently discussing the details of the exercises at the main planning conference of joint Ukrainian-U.S. exercises. The conference will determine the composition of the forces and equipment that will participate in the exercises, specify their venue, and develop the basic documents for international training.