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Opening of the exercises “Sea Breeze 2013” held today in Odesa
17:51 / 08.07.2013

The opening of the Ukrainian-US naval exercises with the participation of representatives of the fleets of other countries “Sea Breeze 2013” has been held today in Odesa.

During the opening of the exercises, the Commander of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuri Ilyin noted: “Exercises ‘Sea Breeze’ is one of the important events of the international cooperation, which stabilizes the situation in the Black Sea region, improves mutual understandings and good relations between Ukraine and other countries. Representatives of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates joined as observers. It emphasizes modernity, relevance and transparency of the exercises “Sea Breeze” for all who are interested in peace and stability in the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions.”

The vice chairman of the Odesa Regional State Administration Dmytro Voloshenkov mentioned: “I am sure that the experience gained during the exercises will be useful and assist the strengthening of military cooperation and peace. We are honoured that such programme is held at the Odesa land.”

The 1st Rank Captain of the United States Navy James Aiken emphasized: “I am waiting with impatience for the start of the exercises because of the friendly relations that we have established. Building on our interaction and cooperation with our regional partners, working closely with each other it will be easier to solve problems in the future for us. I am sure that the fruits of these exercises will serve for the further development of the Ukrainian-American relations.”

As it was noted before, the theme of the current series of exercises “Sea Breeze 2013” became “International security operations on marine safety and the evacuation of non-combatants”.

It is planned the exercises will involve units and members of the armed forces from 10 countries: Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Italy, Canada, Germany, Romania, USA, Turkey and Ukraine.