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Speech of Consul General of Greece in Odessa Mr. Antonios Haziroglu on the occasion of the National Day of Greece in March 25, 1821
17:11 / 25.03.2016

It is a particular joy for us to celebrate today, together with you, Greek National holiday in the beautiful and historic Odessa. As you know, March 25, 1821 is an important milestone in the history of modern Greece.

Today we honor the heroic struggle, sacrifice and superhuman efforts of our ancestors. The result of this achievement is the independence of our Motherland. We remember and honor their contribution to the preservation and promotion of the ideals of eternal values and traditions of Hellenism.

Decisive for each of the battles were the contribution of the Greek Diaspora and our friends around the world. The most important was the contribution of the Greeks, who lived in this beautiful corner of the earth.

With the respect to our past and our heritage, we look in the future. Today, despite the difficulties, we call once again to combine our efforts with determination and boldness to work systematically in order to successfully meet the challenges we face.

In its long history, we faced many difficulties. And today, we have to continue fighting, keeping our eternal values and cultural traditions, creating the necessary conditions for a peaceful way forward, no matter where we are.

Congratulations! Xronia Polla!